5 Reasons Why It’s Important To Update Your Address after Moving

The business premises where an organization has been founded is not the only location that the business will utilize forever. There are always circumstances that will force the organization to move to another area such as the need for expansion.

It is important for an organization to update its address after moving because of a number of reasons. This ensures that all the stakeholders are informed of the new whereabouts. Some of the reasons for updating one’s address with https://www.us-mailing-change-of-address.com are discussed below.

Compliance with the law

Different states have different laws regarding updating of a personal or organizational address. Generally, it is a requirement for an address to be updated when one moves and therefore not doing so is a violation of the law. The law requires that on moving, the addressshould be updated with organizations such as motor vehicle licensing, registration departments, public organizations and health facilities.

It is important to governments because it enables them to keep accurate records of people and organizations for facilitating the provision of services such as security, taxation, voting and other functions.

Verifying identity

After an organization has been moved, it is vital to update the address because it assists in verification of identity. During registration to many business organization, a firm is required to present its address which is used to proof the organization is who they say they are.

Some of these organization include business partners, customers and even credit organizations such as banks. The physical address is also used by other firms such as registration departments, the government and insurance companies. Most business affiliations require one to provide the current address.

Receiving of mail

There are many documents that cannot be sent through email and therefore need to be sent via mail. Such documents include card renewals, passports, licenses, insurance and registration forms.

One needs to provide an update of the address to ensure that mail is sent to the right place. Mailing is most important in handling documents that require original signatures as opposed to an electronic signing where people are required to provide the full name in the signature section. In addition, some subscriptions such as newspapers and magazines that publish their updates on monthly basis need to be informed that an organization has moved.

Avoiding identity theft

Identity theft refers to using someone’s identity deliberately with the intention of personal financial or credit gain. There are many cases where fraudstersidentifyorganizations that fail to update their address. Such identity thieves are capable of opening accounts using names and personal details of abandoned addresses.

This enables them to accept deliveries that are made using credit cards. Such details can also be used by the frauds to carry out illegal businesses without using their actual addresses. Such fake accounts can also be used to intercept personal information thus enhancing data breach.

Receiving important updates

Organizations are constantly updating their products and services to give them a competitive advantage over another firm in the same industry. It may be difficult to keep track of all organizations to provide the updates through means such as telephoning.

These organizations opt for mailing which requires the use of an address. If an organization fails to update its address, it may miss out on important updates and therefore may lack important information such as latest products and the best prices.