Average carpet cleaning prices

In many homes and offices, carpets have been greatly used for floor decoration.

Carpets tend to make our homes look decent and beautiful. They come in different fabrics, and their prices vary in the market. Carpet cleaning is mainly the removal of stains and dirt, and in this section, we are going to review on the amount of money one should pay for carpet cleaning services.


Homeowners face many challenges when it comes to carpet cleaning. They are always left wondering if they have been overcharged or the amount they are paying is just normal.

Some homeowners always opt for hiring a cleaning machine and perform the duty themselves, but at times this is not the best idea. Most carpets are made of sensitive fabrics, and they only need professionals to handle them.


The size of the carpet differs from one home to another home. Therefore, that makes the prices to differ depending on the amount of space the carpet covers. However, most companies have come up with a strategy on how they can determine carpet cleaning cost.

There are two common ways that these companies use to determine the cost of carpet cleaning.


Professional Carpet Cleaning in Columbus mostly charge per room. This means, they basically offer a flat cleaning rate for each room in a home.


If there are furniture or other items in a room, as a homeowner be ready to be charged an extra fee if you want the carpet cleaners to move the items. But you can as well choose to move them yourself so as to reduce the charges.


The cost of carpet cleaning ranges from $25 to $75 per room or an average of $51 per room. These costs are not constant. They vary depending on where one lives.


Carpet cleaning prices also vary depending on the type of cleaning that one wishes for. We have dry carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning.


Most homeowners prefer steam cleaning to dry cleaning method. Even though steam cleaning method is more expensive, it offers a perfect cleaning solution method.


Steam cleaning method uses hot water extraction. The high pressure in the cleaning machine uses high pressure to push the hot water out.


If one decides to hire a carpet cleaning machine for steam cleaning, then these prices also vary depending on where you live. The prices can range from $180 to $544 for the entire house.

Dry cleaning, on the other hand, uses very minimal water and a chemical solution for a quicker clean. But this type of cleaning is very shallow since it is as deep as a steam cleaning method.

Dry cleaning prices range from $323 to $600.


Sometimes handling these carpet cleaning machines can be very risky and leads to injury. As a carpet cleaning professional, it is advisable to seek medical advice, and in case you realize the carpet cleaning machine was faulty, you can decide to file a personal injury claim or a lawsuit.

Carpet cleaning machines have greatly helped in reducing dirt and stains in our carpets. As a homeowner, you don’t have to worry about your company getting damage during the cleaning process. Professional’s carpet cleaning services can handle your carpet well.