Floating Shelves

There are no shelves, it’s invisible, books are in the air, they just levitate Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Shelves in the home, except for storing various things, can also be very decorative. Wall shelfs, besides decorative, have another major role in decorating the home: they are practical, do not occupy space for movement, and the room is filled with warmth.

To make the modern home perfect, you need an interesting detail – floating shelves that give a cool charm to the space. Floating bookshelf is a very original addition to your interior, check out the one at deskview.co/pages/floating-shelf.

The floating shelf, in fact, is a metal rack that is screwed into the wall. The bottom cover of the first book should cover the metal rack so that the shelf can not be seen. A few more books are put on the first book and the impression is that the books float, and a shelf that looks like it’s glued to the wall.

The result is more than impressive. Unusual solutions with a simple idea.

These shelves, in fact, are called “umbra”, covered shelves that defy gravity. In large shopping centers, they can be found in two sizes, but the best effect is obtained when you take a small one, which is the size of an average book. These shelves can be screwed in the living room, but they can be an interesting detail in the kitchen, and we can put only one book on the umbra shelf, for example a cookbook. However, they are designed for young people and are primarily intended for children’s rooms.

You can also make your own floating shelf in a few steps and with very, very little necessary materials.

For the installation of these shelves you need to look for invisible metal racks. They are an essential item in all the stores of furniture fittings. They are made in lengths of 100, 120 and 140 mm. The length itself will be determined by the depth of your shelf with invisible carriers. The length of the carrier must be at least half the depth of the shelf.

The popularity of floating media shelves is increasing as housing becomes smaller and more elegant, and minimalism becomes increasingly popular.

If you want to show your memories and your favorite books the perfect solution is the floating shelves that will give you a reasonable amount of creativity with effective and subtle look and allow you to play with the decorative elements of your home decor. Variating in the style and the possibilities they offer, they bring refreshment into the space quickly and easily. With little investment and a lot of imagination, they will highlight the beauty and color of the room, simply solving the problem of lack of space.

All in all, this shelf is not as useful as it is mysterious and creative and It will make your wall look modern. Your home can look like some wizards school.

Well, if you like it, get them. In any case will give your home a dose of mysticism while saving space.