History of Tile Roofing


Tile roofing started way back between 700 and 650 BC and has spread all over the world over time, Due to the availability of materials that make roofing tiles, it has made both local and huge organizations make a fortune. However the process is time consuming and roof replacement estimate to about 2 weeks.  The fact that most tile roofing materials are not harmful to the surrounding has also made it more common for example tiles made from clay can later be used to make pots and other garden items unlike iron sheets that cant be recycled once they have been used.  The

What is tile roofing? Tile roofing basically means covering the top of your house or shelter with tiles specifically made for roofing. There are more than 5 types of tiles each designed for a specific purpose. When it comes to roof tiles, one has to choose from the variety of materials the tile is made from, This determines how strong or weak the tiles are, color, shape and lastly the weight of the tiles. When choosing color one should consider the color of the house and also the surrounding for example in a controlled estate to have a uniform roof color.

Clay roof tiles, concrete roof tiles ,slate roof tiles and metal roof tiles are just but a few examples of roofing tiles commonly used around the globe each with its advantages and disadvantages. The type of tiles one desires to use is determined by how much someone is willing to spend and how much weight the roof can hold for example metal roof tiles are expensive, easy to maintain, durable and light weight whereas slate roof tiles are heavy and need super skilled personnel to install.

Tile roofing is mostly preferred over other roofing methods because of the following advantages; Style,the colour of the tiles is adjustable to match the exterior of the house or the surrounding. Safety,tiles do not catch fire and in times of storms when the roof is blown off tiles do not have the risk of cutting people like iron sheets. Energy efficient,tiles help in regulation of indoor temperatures due to their heavy thermal mass. Low maintenance,unlike iron sheets where one has to use nails to mount the sheets to the roof creating holes that cause leakage during rainy seasons,tiles are just joined leaving no holes hence no leakage. Resistant and long lasting.

Disadvantages of tile roofing include; Fragile,during repair it has hard to walk on it due to breakage. Weight due to reinforcement added during installation and might require a structural engineer during repair leading additional cost. Difficult installation,installing tiles require trained personnel and one is forced to hired a company or professionals to make sure that the tiles are fitted properly. Not suitable for all roof slopes due to their shapes and patterns.

Tile roofing is now used in modern buildings for both residential and commercial purposes. tile is usually made from concrete or clay and comes mostly in curved ,flat and customized shapes to satisfy the customer needs.Tiles come in many variations depending on how they are cut .