How Long Does It Take to Make a Lawn Look Good?

A beautiful lawn can make your neighbors and passersby become green with envy. It makes your home look more appealing. Lawn care is more than just mowing. There are other factors which contribute to making your lawn look amazing.

Most people prefer shortcuts or quick outcomes. Well, there is no shortcut for a perfect lawn. You need to be committed, patient and hardworking to have the best lawn, or hire a pro from

In this article, we will look at how long does it take to make a lawn look good. We have done the homework for you. The answer may not be as easy, since several factors decide the health of your lawn, including:

– Type of soil used – Certain types of soil can make your lawn more appealing than others.

– Weather conditions of the area – The temperature of your area highly determines the pace at which your lawn grows. Ensure that the type of grass you plant fit your local climate. Not every type of grass can look good if grown in certain climates.

Very early in the morning is the best time to water your lawn because wind is rare at that moment and evaporation rate is low.

– Sunshine – Its abundance fastens the growth rate of your lawn.

– Availability of water – Your grass needs a lot of water for it to look good. The more it gets water, the faster it grows and the healthier it gets. Water it deeply but do not water it often since it will make the roots to grow deeper. Deeper roots ensure the lawn is green even in the dry seasons.

With proper care and preparation required, your lawn should look good from two weeks up to a maximum of six weeks. Sod grows fast and depending with how you handled the whole process, it will look healthy and eye-catching from the moment it sprouts from the ground.

It does not take forever to make your lawn look good. You only need to take some factors into consideration for it to happen in not more than14 days.

Apart from regular mowing, buy a suitable fertilizer to stimulate its growth. The fertilizer strengthens the grass roots, prevents the lawn from weeds and stubborn pests. Organic fertilizers comprise of animal and plant matter. It takes longer to notice the results unlike the synthetic fertilizers which offer immediate results.

Organic fertilizers are highly recommended as opposed to synthetic since they more environmentally friendly, the lawns become greener than when synthetic fertilizer is used, and are safer for your family.

Do not forget that your loan needs aeration too. This can be done by punching some holes of about four inches’ deep. It enables earthworms to establish, unlike if the soil was hard. Regular aeration makes your lawn greener, healthier and turf.


Depending on how much attention and care you put into your lawn, it will determine the time it takes for you to have your lawn look good. Patience. hard work and seriousness is all that is needed for your lawn to grow fast.