Things to note when Changing Home

When you are changing your home permanently, there are certain things that you should keep in mind and should not forget to execute. In this article extracted fromĀ I am writing things which people forget to do and also some important things which are to be done. Things people forget to do when moving homes that smart guys don’t forget. So, checkout the following points and make sure that you do not forget any of these relevant points.

1) People generally forget to list down all the things which are to be shifted. List should consist of only those things you want. Skip all the things which you are planning to dispose right from your old home.

(2) Once the listing is done one should not forget to prioritise the luggage and other important things as per their importance. This helps in better handling.

(3) People forget to disassemble the equipments whichever are possible. For an example, refrigerator, Vacuum cleaner, mixer-grinder etc etc.

(4)Also, make sure to clean all the things at your old home only so that all will look new and refreshing at your new place.

(5) Don’t forget to make a placement plan for your new house declaring the space management. This will help in easy placement and arrangement of things. Do not load all the luggage at one place and then see for arrangements.

(6) Locating and knowing the operation of your new house’s main water supply valve and main electric connection are too very important. Knowing this facts will help you in case of any emergency.

(7) Do not forget to change the locks of exterior doors for both new and old house. This is helpful because your keys are generally with your servants, house owner and neighbours and you do not want to leave any chance of non conformity.

(8)After your shifting gets over clean the old house and make sure that it is in a good condition.

(9) After shifting people forget to change their address in legal documents. Do change your address on all the documents and make sure that your postal address should also change. Changing the address now a days is very simple as you can apply for document changes online only.

(10) Pack the things in an appropriate boxes or other type of packing like with a bubble sheet or with polystyrene sheets.

(11) Make an essential box while shifting which consists of things needed in emergency conditions. For an example: first aid kit, small fire extinguisher, water bottle, daily use medicines etc.

(12) Plan to avoid moving on holidays. This might leed critical problems in some undesirable conditions.

(13) Inform all your friends, family and peers about your movement. It is as important as changing your address officially.

(14) Do label packed boxes and bags. It will help you to identify important things and also it will give you an overview of your luggage.

(15) There are some legal norms which you should check and do if needed. It’s basically country wise. So, it is not specified here. Do know norms of your place and