Why Should You Go For Double Hung Windows?

Windows are one of the essential parts of the house. Without windows, a house will become similar to jail; it will be very difficult to live in that house. Therefore, having windows is very important. You might be thinking that which types of windows you should get.

There are many types of windows available in the market and choosing the best one is almost impossible. However, your choice will mostly depend on your preferences, for example; some people like cute little windows whereas there are people who like big and wide windows. You might have a different taste than others. That is why we will clear the question, why you should go for hung windows.

What are double hung windows?

Technically speaking, double hung windows are those windows of which both sashes are capable of moving up and down. In layman terms, you can move both the parts of windows, the upper part as well as the lower one. Those who want more flexibility with their windows prefer them.

What are single hung windows?

Similar to the description of double hung windows, single hung windows are those windows, which have the feature of moving one sash up and down only. That means you can just move one part of the window and the other part will be fixed or still. These windows are used the most, and they are more famous than double hung windows.

Double hung windows vs. single hung windows – the showdown

It all comes down to this, which window suits you the best. The biggest difference between these windows is their functionality, and it makes all the difference between them. Because of that, the following differences are present in the double hung windows and single hung windows:

  • Cost of the windows

Both of the windows have different prices, and they come at different prices. If you are more budget oriented and cannot or do not want to spend much money on windows, then single hung windows are preferred for you. Single hung windows are more than 15% cheaper than a similar double hung window. This is because there are fewer bolts and functions in a single hung window compared to a double hung window.

  • Ease of cleaning

This is a major difference between single hung windows and double hung windows. If you want a window which is easier and more convenient to clean then double hung windows are made for you. Cleaning the exterior of the top sash of a single hung window is much more difficult than that of a double hung window. Moreover, if you live on a high floor then cleaning the outside area of a single hung window is nearly impossible without help. Whereas because of the feature of moving both sashes, double hung windows can be cleaned without going outside of the house.

  • Maintenance cost of both the windows

It is actually a very insignificant thing to, consider but many people take it seriously. Maintenance of both the windows is same and there are no noticeable cost differences in it.

Overall, it is your choice, whether you want more functionality and ease of cleaning or you want to save money.